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TL;DR - Asajj was only mostly dead at the end of Dark Disciple and ends up with a group of pregnant women out in the boonies of the galaxy once she recovers. (I swear this idea has been in my head since before the latest Mad Max.)

Things have happened much as they did in the book. Asajj and Quinlan Vos worked together, she taught him the Dark Side as the Nightsisters understood it, they found love (of a sort), she lost him to Dooku and the Dark Side, then found him again, and then took Dooku's lightning strike to save Quinlan. Quinlan and the Jedi left her in the Nightsisters' Pool of Life, thinking she was dead and went on their merry way, patting each other's back for having lead another soul back to the path of the Light Side.

What happened next is where things go AU.

Asajj floating in the pool for who knows how long. The strange magics of the Nightsisters keeping her just barely alive and in a coma as the pool fought to heal her body. It succeeded. Asajj awoke and swam to the surface. It took sometime for her to regain her awareness and whom she was, but she did so.

More time passed and then a ship came to Dathomir, a ship piloted by Ahsoka. Feeling a pull in the Force, Ahsoka had no idea what she'd find once she got to Dathomir, but once she found Asajj, she just shakes her head and realizes she should've known. Ahsoka brings Asajj up to speed with all that has happened in the galaxy, turns out Asajj was out for years. Ahsoka tries to recruit Asajj to the growing Rebellion but Asajj has had enough of war and politely declines.

Still late, Asajj is working an odd bounty. A simple job really but one that pays decently. All she has to do is guard a building, allowing no entry; not even herself. She breaks this condition when she feels and hears someone in pain within. Finding a pregnant twi'lik who is about to give birth (with no medical assistance beyond an old droid), Asajj quickly discovers the whole building is filled with pregnant being and realizes her employer is up to some damned shady things. She can put up with a lot, but this is beyond her tolerance. She lays waste to her employers facility and henchmen, and flies off to parts unknown with the women, many of whom give birth in flight and no of whom want to return to known parts of the galaxy.

Eventually, they find a planet to settle that appears on no galaxy maps. It is something like Dathomir but less...sinister. Swamp-like, the entire planet is covered by one massive mangrove forest. There is no land, per se, but the tree are gigantic and provide needed terra firma. (Think Endor sized mangrove trees with interlocking branches.) They decide to settle there and Asajj is surprised to find herself wondering if they could become a new Sisterhood.

There is more to it, but that will have to wait until I write the fan fic.
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It's funny how one little thing can change a life. For Asajj, when her master was killed before her eyes, she spiraled into an abyss of grief and rage that she spent half a decade burning through as she raged at the galaxy. In this AU, there was a little girl present when Asajj's master died and Asajj was faced with a choice, save the child or avenge her master. She chose to save the child and thus herself.

Later, she decided the Jedi Order was ineffectual in helping to heal the torn galaxy and was deaf to the reasonable grievances of the Separatists systems. She leaves the Order, venturing out to fight a one person war against Count Dooku and his tyranny of the Separatists.

Though many of the Jedi Order believe it is only a matter of time before she falls to the Dark Side, she walks in balance, believing there truly is no Light or Dark Sides, just the Force.
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 The ship is ready, she has the nutritional supplements for Panth (the odd winged momong she finds herself burdened with) and now she just needs to wait. Fortunately, she doesn't need to wait long as she spies Ahsoka walking up and carrying two packages, each seemingly the proper dimensions for  her helmet and her sabers, though the flat box seems a little large for two sabers.

"About time," she drawls, since it wouldn't do to allow the togruta to think she were friendly. "Do you have my things?"
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[OOC: Plot points are inspired by An Unlikely Companion by Black Stormraven and used with their permision.  It is awesome and you should go read it. I'll wait. In their fiction, Asajj finds an akk dog but plots I have in mind for Asajj's future don't allow for such a large friend. Thus, I am inventing my own species.]

The first call barely registered on her consciousness; a tickle in her thoughts, less than a half-remembered dream.

The second crept into her awareness and raised a sense of alarm that had her looking about her, expecting an attack.

The third made her realize someone or something was reaching out to her through the Force. Half-angered that anyone would dare and half-curious to see who was foolish enough to think she would help, she followed the impulses until she came to an alley with five younglings. At first she thought one of them must be the one who called to her but she quickly realized that wasn't the case since they were grouped in a circle, facing in and hadn't even noticed her.

Shaking her head, she turned to leave when a tiny chitter of alarm echoed within the alley, quickly smothered by harsh and cruel laughter of the younglings. The call within the Force spiked as well.

She wasn't even aware she had decided to intervene when she spoke out, "Okay, boys. Play time is over."

Nearly as one, they looked up and turned to face her. They also drew weapons and the largest of the lot spat out, "Run off yourself!"

She didn't even bother to roll her eyes, just raised her closed fist to her chest and then opened it with her fingers splayed. The younglings went flying with the Force, striking the walls of the alley to fall stunned or unconscious. Harsh perhaps, but she had warned them.

Now that the younglings weren't blocking her view, she could see her beseecher and she was confused. In form, it was much like a Trandoshan monkey pup, but while it had the six limbs of the usual breed, it also had skin stretched between the arms and legs, much like many species of gliders.

Whatever it was, it was hurt and much as she didn't care, she knew what it was to be abandoned. She carefully scooped it up and went in search of a veterinarian.


"An interesting specimen," the Rodian veterinarian Asajj had found was saying. "I am not entirely certain of her species, but I am sure she has some relation to the momong, though no flying members of that species has ever been recorded. And why anyone would think bringing it to a planet such as Coruscant, is beyond me. A crime! Shameful!"

"What do you mean?" Asajj asks, not really caring but as long as she kept him talking, he wasn't asking for credits.

"Momongs evolved in the Trandoshan system, either on Trandosha itself or the moon, Wasskah. Both are covered with heavy jungles and our friend here must have evolved in a similar ecology. Look at her claws and grasping paws? She is a predator, as well. A planet such as Coruscant is not suited for her biology. No trees, no natural prey. I fear she may be suffering from malnutrition as well as the trauma of those thugs. I will make a list of supplements for her but you should find a source of fresh meat for her, if not a place for her to hunt. She is young enough, I fear her skills may be poor."

"No. Get down," Asajj told the momong who had been trying to climb back into her arms as she spoke with the doctor. "This is not my animal."

"Oh dear. Well, that is a problem."

"Perhaps, but not mine." The Rodian's ears drooped, prompting Asajj to ask, "What happens to it now?"

"I am afraid I'll have to turn her over to animal control. She will likely be euthanized since she seems bonded to you and likely will not accept another companion."

"That is not an option."

"If you would agree to care for her," the Rodian said after a pause, "I will search for her home world. Assuming I find it and she has not domesticated, she will likely chose freedom on the world of her birth. You can take her there and set her free."

"Agreed," Asajj said after a moments pause. Giving in to her fate, she let the momong climb to her shoulder.

"There is the matter of payment...but if you provide me with detailed journals of her developmentgrowth, preferred food, what she hunts, and the likeI can agree to a discount. I would require a means to contact you if I find her home world."

Sighing, Asajj reaching for her credits.

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 It is a rainy day down in the lower levels of Coruscant and Asajj is currently eating at a corner vendor. She sat thinking of several things, most notably how she was going to get off Coruscant now that she no longer had her helmet (her face being quite well know, which was also why she was wearing a cloak with the hood pulled up) and how she was going to get weapons; not blasters, though blasters would be a simple matter to arrange. No, she wanted proper weapons like her lightsabers. Blasters were far to easy a weapon to use. She needed a challenge.

She paused in her thoughts as someone took a seat beside her, someone she knew.

"Just because I helped you once does not make us friends, little padawan." She said without turning, knowing the descriptor was likely barbed.


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